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A book coach is a writing and publishing professional who can: · Give you feedback about the best and most profitable use of your ideas and expertise
· Introduce you to the right resources to get your book edited, designed, etc.
· Help and support you through each step of the publishing process
· Give you the confidence you need to see your project through to publication

It is important that a book coach have demonstrated expertise in publishing and be a fit for you and your book.

Someone who teaches how to write is not a book coach. Writing coaches may or may not have experience in advising the writer on how to take his or her work and transform it into a readable, publishable and marketable book.

It is important to interview a potential book coach and ask questions that will help you determine not only expertise and qualifications, but also working style as well. Here are some questions you might want to ask:

· How many people have you helped get a book from idea to published?
· Can you tell me some of the titles of the books that I could see on
· How would we work together? How often would we talk?
· Do you have time to take on a new client and really focus on my work?
· How long would you estimate it will take me to get my book finished?
· What are some of the obstacles you see in making my book a best seller?
· Are there any other costs involved other than your fees?

Good chemistry between any coach and client are just as important as expertise. You must find someone you feel comfortable with and can trust to give you honest feedback in order for the coaching relationship to work for you.

Tanyab 23:10, 7 November 2008 (UTC)
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